squid poll is a free and easy way to create polls and get answers to life's important questions like: 'what is your favourite pizza topping?' and 'which leg do you put your pants on first?'.


how long do polls stay open?

polls stay open forever. however, squid poll is in beta and data may be removed or reset anytime.

can i create polls that allow multiple selections?

yes! simply check the appropriate box when making a poll.

how do you prevent repeat responses?

disabling duplicate responses from the same ip address can be enabled when creating a poll.

can i embed a poll on my own site?

yes! create your poll here then add the following snippet to your site. replace 'id-of-poll' with the id of the poll you just created.

<script src="https://squidpoll.com/squidembed.js"></script>
<squid-widget pollid="id-of-poll"/>

what differentiates your site from the others?

squid poll was created as a way to test bittyhttp on a live site, so it is incredibly low on resources.

why 'squid poll'?

squids are fun and interesting animals.

feedback or comments are always welcome at colin.luoma@gmail.com

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